What we do

Choice of goods

We work with you to provide you with your choice of goods—weaving, knitting and design that suits your business perfectly. We aim for a perfect fit: right colour, right size, perfect finish.

Our designers

You may choose something from our existing collection, or you may submit a design to us and offer your customers exclusive knitwear designs or unique patterns. Our designers frequently visit buyers, working from initial idea right through to the finished product.

What you get

This website is our shop front. When you get in touch with us we will provide you with our full range of colours and designs, and the option of creating your own unique products through us.


Every order is unique and pricing depends on your preferences for design and quantity.



Finely woven shawls measuring 90cm x 200cm. Pashmina, Pashmina-Silk mix, pure wool. plain colours, patterned.


Stoles woven of the finest wool to ensure ultimate softness and warmth.


Thick and wintery, or light and fresh: throws to suit every taste and made to your chosen measurements.


Delicate scarves of every colour to complement any outfit, in any season. 30x162cm.


Made of the softest wool. Choose from our standard colour palette and classic patterns, or design your own.


Choose from our portfolio of classic sweaters and latest fashion models, or ask us to design a sweater for you. Pashmina, pure wool or pashmina/silk mix.